Challenge: vegan for a month – the aftermath

Hi guys!

Last month I posted that me and my friend Kim would rise to the challenge of going vegan for a whole month. Here is how it went:

Things started out great. The first week was a lot of fun because we got the chance to go to lots of different stores in hopes of finding yummy vegan food. I discovered quite a few new foods I had never eaten or even heard from before! (I mostly shopped at Bio-Planet and Albert Heijn for anyone wondering!)

4 out of 7 days a week we eat lunch at school and, to be honest, trying to come up with new things to take with me every day was quite hard! I ended up eating couscous with falafel almost every time I ate lunch at school. When eating in my dorm, there was no problem, though! There I always threw together some random stuff and it (almost!!) always came out decent! (Not always great, but that’s just because I can’t cook. At all!)

Later on, things became a bit harder. Right now, I’m home because here in Belgium we’re on Easter break right now. For some reason the whole vegan thing is a lot harder here than it is when I’m staying at my dorm. The main difficulty is going to the store here. At my dorm, I just went to the store right after I came home from school. I had several stores at walking distance from my dorm. Here, however, things are a bit different. Easter break is meant for studying. Next Monday, I have 2 exams so I’ve been studying all day every day for the last two weeks. For me, studying = sweatpants and lots of dry shampoo! And those don’t really go together with going out. Let’s just say that I bought big bags of vegan foods and almost only ate that for many many meals. Super healthy, I know!

I also had a hard time not eating cheese. As I have said before, I’ve been a pescetarian for almost 4 years now. Since I haven’t really missed meat at all in these last years, I thought it wouldn’t be difficult to just cut a few more things out of my diet. I WAS SO, SO WRONG! Cheese is apparently the one thing I just can’t live without. And vegan cheese is not easy to find around here. Kim found a store that sold vegan cheese, though! But it was I think €10 for 4 small slices of cheese. Ain’t nobody got money for that!!

That’s something that surprised me, too, how expensive being a vegan really is. I mean, I knew I’d have to pay more because of the fresh vegetables and things like that, but I’m not even exaggerating when I say my bills quadrupeld. And that’s not fun as a student!

So yeah, I failed my challenge. I definitely didn’t succeed in eating only vegan for a whole month. But I’m still pretty proud of myself, I only ate animal products when I really had nothing else to eat.

Veganism is not for me, but I’ll try to incorporate at least a few vegan products into my life!

My takeaway from this challenge is that vegans are supernatural beings with lots of perseverance! I have so much respect for you guys and I’m confident the world is at least a little bit better because of you!


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